Infrared thermometer

Can I trust him?

Infrared thermometer

Can I trust him?

You have probably had to check your body temperature at some point in your life.

That's because fever is a defense mechanism of our body when something is not right (infections and bacteria, for example).

It is an important warning that our body gives and this cannot be ignored.

Until recently, the most common instrument for measuring someone's body temperature was the thermometer with a mercury band or the digital thermometer, which is positioned in the armpits.

Nowadays, there are thermometers without the need for skin contact, I'm talking about the infrared thermometer.

This infrared thermometer is more hygienic, reliable and very accurate, in addition to measuring the temperature very quickly.

There are models that can give the result in seconds.

How does it work

You just need to point the device towards the forehead, with a certain distance, and wait a few seconds to get the result.

You can view the temperature on the device's screen, which can also be used to store data, in addition to the date and time.

You can also use it to know the temperature of a room in your home, an object or even a food that is being prepared on the stove.

The infrared thermometer has a good durability (usually 5 years), does not cause any discomfort and is incredibly fast.

Knowing that it is an indispensable item, especially if you have children at home, I have separated some suggestions. Check out:

Touchless infrared thermometer - Bioland

The touchless infrared thermometer - Bioland offers clinical precision, has memory, with super-fast temperature reading.

You view the result in just 1 second, in addition to showing on the screen, according to the colors green, yellow and red to signal the degree of urgency.

You can get body temperature information, as well as liquids and rooms in the house.

Digital Touchless Thermometer - Nuk

Forehead temperature measurement:

The Digital Touchless Thermometer - Nuk measures the temperature without the need for touch, with only 3 cm distance.

With a quick result of just 1 second and an audible alarm that is triggered in case of fever.

You can use it to know the temperature for baths, food and environments.

G-Tech Digital Non-Contact Forehead Clinical Thermometer

The G-Tech Digital Non-Contact Forehead Clinical Thermometer is very practical, hygienic and accurate.

It can be used to measure body temperature, surfaces and varied environments.

Very easy to use and highly praised for its durability.

You can find these and other infrared thermometers on!

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