4 accessory trends for 2022

accessory trends for 2022


4 accessory trends for 2022

accessory trends for 2022

You've certainly noticed that we love accessories, right? Even because a look is not built alone… Of course the clothes themselves are a very important part, precisely because they are the basis of the look, but the trick that makes all the difference, bringing more attention and fashion information to the look, are the accessories that are the famous cherries on the cake of the entire production.

Along with the trends in minimalist and colorful accessories, for the hottest season of the year, the universe of accessories promises to hit the maxi trend. So, bringing together the best of the three worlds, the trend for summer 2022 is a mix of them.


The maxi accessories are back with a vengeance and the secret is that the bigger the better. It may seem like an exaggeration, but we're not kidding, on the catwalks of the main fashion shows we saw ma-ra-vi-lho-sos models and many mixtures. The maxi accessories are maxi in everything.


The accessory, which is very versatile, has already been used as a blouse/cropped a few seasons ago, and in 2022 the trend will literally make fashionistas' minds. Unlike what is imagined, the piece goes far beyond casual. It's super to bet on a more elegant look and look filthy chic with a headscarf.


Contradicting maxi accessories, we have sunglasses with a more traditional look, quite different from the fancy colored lens glasses we've seen in recent seasons. With darker lenses, especially in black and brown, in rectangular and square formats with a vintage air, the glasses that will be trending for next summer will be more discreet, sophisticated, elegant and, therefore, super versatile. The ones you'll keep forever, you know?


Definitely the most loved accessory by fashionistas during the last fashion season was definitely the handbags. And it wasn't just bags, the highlight was the colorful pieces. This super trend for summer 2022 has captured our hearts.

Now tell me, which of the above accessories don't you live without?

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