Essential care for your little ones this summer

Have a super cute and worry-free summer

Essential care for your little ones this summer

Have a super cute and worry-free summer

Summer awakens us to have unusual and even fun attitudes: we don't mind taking a shower, showering ourselves with a popsicle, walking barefoot ... in short, we relax in a way that only summer can do.

And so does our little ones. If you ask a child what their favorite season is, 9 out of 10 children will say it's summer .

The annoying part of all of this is that, with high temperatures, our bodies dehydrate easily , and this happens to children and babies too. In some, sprouts may be born and if they are not well protected, sunburn may develop without protection.

I have two beautiful boys, (one 6 years old and the other 1 year and 7 months old) and I want to share with you some tips for taking care of your little ones this summer. Come on?


Keep your little ones hydrated. Drinking water has to be a habit that can be taught. Children only ask for water when they are very, very thirsty. Therefore, it is important to always offer them water. If only a little.

This is also for juices (my baby loves cabbage juice), teas and vitamins. You will have the opportunity to develop healthy habits in them and also to decrease the selectivity that every child starts to have with certain types of colors, flavors and textures.

Light clothes

Wear light cotton clothes. Cotton fabrics are highly breathable, preventing allergies such as buds (those red pellets on the skin). And don't overdo it with clothes. A tank top and a tank top will make your baby fresh.

Water to refresh

Child loves water. So it is worth filling that basin and let your little ones cool off. But beware: never leave your child playing in the water without adult supervision. The rate of drowning among children increases a lot in the summer.

Here I have some really cool suggestions so they can play with water!


We all need to take a little sun every day because of vitamin D, which is provided by the sun. So, you can let your little ones take that milder sun early in the morning or in the late afternoon, and then abuse the sunscreen, which must be reapplied every 2 hours.

Taking these simple but very important precautions, you will guarantee an unforgettable summer for the whole family!

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