Sunglasses - essential even in winter

Know why they are important and the type of frame for your face shape

Sunglasses - essential even in winter

Know why they are important and the type of frame for your face shape

What a few years ago was just a fashion accessory and for more eccentric people, today is considered a very important item even for health.

I'm talking about sunglasses.

Whether they are graded or not, sunglasses protect our eyes from UV rays, which continue to pose a serious risk to eye health, even on cloudy and rainy days like winter.

And in addition to all this protection, they also add a lot of style to the look, whether with more elaborate frames, minimalist, relaxed or elegant, sunglasses should be considered an indispensable item for all seasons, including winter.

Here are some benefits of wearing sunglasses:

Decreases eyestrain

The eye's pupils can dilate or contract, depending on how much light the retina receives.

If you are in a place with snow or water, which can reflect twice as much light as it receives, the strain on your pupils can lead to eyestrain and, consequently, severe headaches.

When you wear sunglasses, this discomfort can be lessened.

Protective barrier against ultraviolet rays

Even on cold days or with little sun, ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) are still as harmful as ever.

For this reason, sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harmful actions of the sun.

Efficient protection

Low temperatures bring fog and wind, and with them, various types of debris and dust, which can cause various injuries and inflammation, such as dry eyes and allergic reactions.

By wearing sunglasses you put on a protective and very effective shield for your eyes.

Reduced brightness

When driving, vision can be compromised when the sun's reflection, with its intense brightness, meets our eyes.

This can impair vision and even cause accidents, especially when driving.

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