Multifunctional stairs

Find out why they are so good!

Multifunctional stairs

Find out why they are so good!

Multifunctional stairs were developed to make your life a lot easier!

Ordinary stairs have been used for a long time and we cannot belittle everything they have already done for us.

The point is that, nowadays, with such a busy life, everything that can facilitate our daily lives, saving us time, is super welcome!

How do functional stairs work?

Multifunctional ladders are called this way because they can be folded and adjusted in the most diverse positions, which can be of great help to perform tasks both at home and outdoors.

You can use them both vertically and horizontally, like scaffolding, for example.

With the availability of excellent models of multifunctional stairs on the market, I selected those that are super well evaluated and have a lot to offer! Check out:

Multifunctional Ladder 4x4 16 Steps

The 4x4 Multifunctional Ladder 16 16 Steps can be used both by professionals and for domestic tasks.

It is all made of aluminum, steel hinges (with safety lock) and rubberized feet that guarantee safety, adhering well to the floor and without damaging it.

When fully extended, it reaches a height of 4.71 m, in a few seconds you are able to change its positions.

It supports up to 150 kilos and when closed, it takes up little space, making it easy to transport anywhere!

Multifunctional Articulated Ladder 12 Steps 13 Positions Aluminum - Botafogo Lar e Lazer

With 13 different positions, the Multifunctional Articulated Ladder 12 Steps from Botafogo Lar e Lazer draws attention for its versatility, lightness and ease of transport.

With a range of up to 3.35 meters, it can be used as scaffolding, backrest ladder, A painter's ladder with automatic locking, ensuring its stability.

Its maximum load is 150 kilos, made of aluminum and non-slip feet.

Some important considerations

Multifunctional ladders are made of aluminum, so they are conductive of electricity, and it is extremely important to pay extra attention!

On the other hand, the fact that they are made of aluminum is a great advantage, as they are much more resistant to climatic conditions and their use in general in everyday life.

So, whether it's painting common or tall walls, reaching places, walls, or putting in a new lamp, it's the kind of ladder you need!

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