Commitment alliances: know the meaning that this iconic jewel carries

We have beautiful suggestions to celebrate your love!

Commitment alliances: know the meaning that this iconic jewel carries

We have beautiful suggestions to celebrate your love!

Alliance means commitment or pact between two people who love each other and have decided to share their lives with each other. It is when you envision a beautiful future together and project your dreams and plans alongside your loved one.

This very important custom is believed to have been initiated by Hindus. They believed that wearing rings made of magnetized iron would release the power to attract the heart of the loved one . So they decided to use the rings at their weddings, to attract the heart of their loved one.

The ring was nothing more than a circular magnet that was worn on the left mother, on the ring finger, because they believed that there was a vein connected directly to the heart. Subsequently, Greeks and Romans adopted this tradition, which is still celebrated today.

The term alliance ( alligare ) comes from Latin and means union or closeness . In other words, a public affirmation of a lifelong commitment and loyalty. In the past, it was customary to wear an engagement ring and then a wedding ring.

Nowadays, many couples decide to wear engagement rings when they start dating. Its material is generally made of silver, with very interesting thickness, textures and details. The dating alliance has the mission to reaffirm the commitment of a relationship that intends to be lasting .

And to inspire you, we selected some suggestions to celebrate this partnership with a lot of passion and good taste!

Pair of Silver Alliance dating 4mm 950 smooth traditional

Let's start with this classic model, which is simple, but elegant. Made in 950 silver, it guarantees quality and durability, as it never fades and is quite resistant. If you like discretion, good taste and elegance, this is the right model for you!

Silver Alliance 950 Italian Anatomical Commitment

With a modern design, this beautiful alliance will win your heart. Made in 950 silver and with anatomical model, it is quite comfortable and draws attention for its beauty and sophistication.

950 Silver Dating Rings + Solitary Ring

Style and versatility are the hallmarks of this very special model. The highlight is this solitary ring that comes with a central zirconia stone, which can be used together with the ring, adding even more charm.

Dating Rings In Silver 950 Fillet With 18k Gold Plated

The beautiful detail of this alliance is in the 18k gold plated fillet, which brings a lot of elegance, with this exclusive design. The zirconia stones are an extra touch to toast the style and beauty of this model.

950 Silver Dating Rings Bevelled with Zirconia Filled with Silver

This beveled model is beautiful and charming. Very comfortable and with this interesting design, you will be guaranteed success! It is made in 950 silver and comes with a zirconia stone, in addition to having a refined and polished finish.

Tips for buying wedding rings online:

  • Most sellers offer services such as engraving names and dates on alliances, in addition to those beautiful boxes to give as gifts and surprise your love
  • To find the right number of the ring, you can measure your ring finger with string and then stretch it to see how many centimeters your ring circumference is. Then just inform the seller. He will be able to guide you in choosing the right size of the ring.
  • Silver 950 can darken due to the accumulation of residues, so it is important to purchase the right product to clean it.
  • Give preference to models that offer warranty, which brings more credibility and confidence to your purchase.

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