Trowback trend - Platforms

how to wear the shoe that was a fever in the 70's


Trowback trend - Platforms

how to wear the shoe that was a fever in the 70's

It was in the 70s, during the Disco era, that platform shoes had their heyday. Extravagant and imposing platform heels convey a creative look and have the power to transform any production into an event.

Whether you're more daring or more discreet, platform shoes are back much more versatile, but don't be fooled, because although they work well on many occasions, they're not basic at all.

These shoes will probably be your next fashion wish, so we advise you to stick around to get inspired by these looks with the heel that will rock in the coming seasons.

Platform boot:

Gone are the days when boots were exclusive footwear for cold days. Here, we've proved to you countless times that summer looks are also stylish and super consistent using boots.


A tip to make a production even cooler is to bring points of color to the composition. Colorful platform shoes look super imposing by nature. This fashion impact is always very welcome for the most basic looks or for when you want to have a super cool outfit but don't have much time.

Nothing basic:

We guarantee that even your looks with the little black dress will never be the same after you opt for platform shoes. Most of us have that little black dress in our closet, versatile, ideal for any occasion and that now has a best friend, the platform heel.

Now tell me, did you like the return of platform shoes?

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