Covid-19: go to the movies or not?

See what measures have been implemented by entertainment companies

Covid-19: go to the movies or not?

See what measures have been implemented by entertainment companies

Among the entertainment options, going to the movies is arguably the favorite of most people.

Factors such as the advance in vaccination and the drop in hospitalization have reduced the feeling of insecurity for those who are passionate about cinema, but who were still very afraid of staying indoors for around two hours.

Companies in the sector argue that due to the strict protocols for the operation of cinemas, this has been one of the safest places to go, even with the fight against the pandemic.

Some of the protocols include: reduced public capacity, distance between the seats, alcohol gel positioned in strategic locations, mandatory use of masks and air conditioning that can renew the air at each session and cleaning of rooms and seats.

However, many experts, especially in the health area, warn that it is not possible to ensure that no one will be infected when going to the movies, even if vaccinated and following all protocols.

People with comorbidities, for example, are advised not to take risks in this type of environment.

The type of mask can also contribute to greater protection.

Surgical masks, 3-layer cloth masks or PFF2 are best suited for this environment, as long as you keep it on at all times.

When it is said that the mask must remain on the face at all times, it is also valid to hold back the temptation to eat popcorn, for example.

Although many movie theaters now allow the consumption of food and beverages inside movie theaters, it is common sense to assess whether the risk is worth taking.

When you remove the mask to eat, you expose yourself because droplets are released and remain in the air for a while.

But what about cleaning procedures?

Even with all their efforts and the most modern strategies to sanitize movie theaters, infectologists still cannot say for sure how long the virus can remain on surfaces and in the air.

For this reason, extra care must be taken, avoiding staying in the entrance hall or living room for too long.

If you can buy a ticket online, to avoid lines, not get to the cinema early and keep your distance, the experience can be more pleasant and safe.

Respect for the protocols for resuming activities is crucial for this process to be as safe as possible.

Many people have suffered from social isolation and being able to go to the movies, even with some restrictions, brings that feeling that everyone wants in this moment of pandemic: that better days will come and that soon we will have our precious freedom back.

Freedom to gather, embrace and toast to life!

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