Picture Safe

Keep what's important in style!

Picture Safe

Keep what's important in style!

Safe frames are personalized frames with a compartment that can be viewed by anyone to save savings or objects for specific purposes.

It is obvious that depending on the objective, it is not possible (nor safe) to keep all the money there, but it works as a kind of incentive and motivation to keep you focused on what you want.

Among the existing models, there are those to save money for trips, for an aesthetic procedure, and others to store wine corks, tickets, souvenirs, tickets that resemble trips, etc.

Safe frames are also a great option for gifting someone dear, with personalized versions of the person's name or purpose.

To show you how cool and creative they are, I separated some models. Check out:

To place orders

This Safe Ordering Framework is a humorous and subtle way to encourage people to contribute to your goal.

For aesthetic procedures

The safe frame For my silicone, it was designed for those people who dream of the famous silicone and want a way to get inspired for this purpose.

To store corks

The Cork Stopper Frame is beautiful, elegant and blends with any environment. For wine lovers, every cork that is placed there keeps a story, a beautiful dinner, a smile ...

For travel

The safe frame For the next vacation is that kind of frame to look at and imagine yourself in the dream place to spend your holidays. Whether in a sunny place, with snow or full of mountains and forests, it is really cool to have an object like this at home.

To the love

The Safe Framework For our wedding is a great initiative for couples who know the importance of planning and saving for the future.

Its print is delicate, with floral themes and a great inspiration for couples in love who aspire to a future together.

For an emergency

The safe frame In an emergency break the glass is a frame that plays with this phrase so popular that we can find it in several places.

It is a way to save money and use it when you need it most. Nope caution is too much, isn't it?

These and other models of safe frames you can find on amazon.com !

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