Incorporate stools into your kitchen

Style, comfort and elegance for the most beloved room in the house!

Incorporate stools into your kitchen

Style, comfort and elegance for the most beloved room in the house!

The kitchen has become one of the most social environments in the home.

What used to be a separate and closed room, is now more inviting with new layouts, thinking about the interaction of those who are cooking with others in the house.

In addition to the more open environment, the furniture also contributes to this integration, as is the case with stools and benches.

By choosing the right type of model, size and material, stools harmonize with all the decor and dynamics of the kitchen.

To begin

Decide how tall you want your stools to be.

Stools that are too tall and that do not fit the height of the table or bench can be extremely uncomfortable.

If your bench is lower (around 75cm from the floor), the bench should be between 40cm to 45cm from the floor.

In the case of taller benches, its height should be -25 cm from the height of the bench.

Number of stools

There needs to be a comfortable space between one stool and another, both for the kitchen to be elegant, and for the composition not to be cluttered.

Choosing the Style of Stool

The beauty of the stools is the first detail that enchants us.

However, in addition, it is necessary to decide whether you want the backrest or not, whether you prefer the upholstered seat or the stool material itself.

material type

Analyze the style of your kitchen and from there, you will have a direction to choose the type of material.

Among the most used are rustic materials, with wood, fibers and nautical rope.

There are also iron stools, with a more industrial style, and the more traditional ones, made of wood and with leather seats.

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