Online courses to update your curriculum

Invest your time in your professional career!

Online courses to update your curriculum

Invest your time in your professional career!

Optimizing time at home has been one of the biggest challenges of the moment. Understand how you can enjoy your time by updating your curriculum with online courses that can be related to your area or not, but that can make your curriculum much more attractive and interesting !

In view of the delicate and difficult moment in which we have lived, many people have had difficulties in dealing with idle time at home, which has aroused anxiety and depression in many. The WHO (World Health Organization) has drawn attention to the fact that people who already have depression and anxiety have had their levels elevated in quarantine, which leads us to a state of alert.

Among so many guidelines for dealing with this disease, we find the suggestion to occupy the mind by studying . Studying instigates memory and power of concentration and releases dopamine which, according to endocrinologist Denise Iezzi, “She is responsible for the motivation and focus to achieve a goal”,

In other words, dopamine helps you in the motivation process, that is, when you start to learn something new, your brain releases a reward mechanism, which makes you feel happier motivated.

Did this information cheer you up? Then see this list of online courses to occupy your mind and leverage your curriculum!

Harvard? Why not?

You have certainly seen how much Harvard is admired and desired in films and series, where the character's life goal is to enter this university. You can also experience some of this emotion by choosing some of the free online courses offered by the highly regarded Harvard University.

The modality offered by the university is MOOCs ( Massive Online Open Course ), giving you the chance to improve your English and be certified by Harvard. On this official page you will find a variety of courses in different areas and you can choose the one that is most interesting to you.


Following the trend, the MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ), which needs no introduction, also made available a range of incredible free online courses for anyone who is passionate about technology and everything related to it.

MIT has made available over 200 courses covering science and technology, in addition to some ramifications, such as business and economics, for example. Interested? Click here and choose the course that will give a positive highlight on your resume.

Speaking of technology ...

If you are one of the many who have difficulty in creating an Excel spreadsheet, formatting texts or even editing photos, there are countless courses that promise to help you understand and perform these simple tasks, but that give you a headache when you don't have a basic sense of how they work.

Fundação Bradesco (click here) , has very interesting course options and if you research, you will certainly find several universities and NGOs ( Non-Governmental Organizations ) that can offer these courses.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University has been highly praised for offering high quality online English courses . By accessing the site here , you can take a test to find out your level and find free activities to improve your English.

It also offers globally recognized certificates, which will make your curriculum stand out in addition to training your English.

And is the application process complicated?

No way! Just choose the course and follow the instructions that are very simple and precise. The only challenge is to have a good internet connection and organize your routine according to the course schedule, so that you feel motivated and that the chosen course is productive and interesting for you. Good studies!

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