Meet these 3 professions to work from home

A simple and objective guide to know if you have the profile and if it is worth it financially!

Meet these 3 professions to work from home

A simple and objective guide to know if you have the profile and if it is worth it financially!

Working remotely has been an essential solution for both companies and their employees.

And this has happened thanks to technology that has evolved and advanced every day.

Working from home requires not only essential equipment such as laptops and computers, but also a lot of dedication, creativity and commitment to meet this great demand.

With the guarantee of more flexible hours and earnings compatible with the job market, many companies have embraced this idea of remote work as a great opportunity to remain active in such a challenging time that the world has faced.

Among so many options, it is important to know more about these 3 interesting suggestions and if you have the profile to work with them.

Shall we meet them? Check out:

Data Entry

To be a professional in this field, you need to know how to make information updates (which can come in the form of documents, digital files or audios) in a database.

To do this, you must master the English language, be agile and very detailed.

And speaking of agility, typing quickly is one of the essential qualities for you to have a good income, since the payment calculation is based on the total hours it takes to type, as well as the number of words.

An average gain of $ 20 an hour is estimated.

To find out how fast you can type, click here.

Companies like Clickworker, Smart Crowd and Capital Typing are the most suitable and accept professionals who work remotely.


If you love to write, have a good vocabulary and a lot of grammatical knowledge, this may be a good alternative for you.

Basically, you will use writing to promote products through social media, blogs, marketing campaigns, reports, informational and journalistic texts.

If you want to know more about it or even take a course, at Skillshare or Udemy you will find courses on how to be a Copywriter.

On Google Trends you can get an idea of what topics people have been researching most often at the moment and develop informative and relevant content.

A Copywriter's hourly work is around $ 28.

UX Tester

To be a UX tester, just have the ability to give very detailed feedback on how that company can improve its customers' experience when using its applications, websites and services.

Platforms like Respondent, User Testing and uTest are the most famous in this field.

Although your opinion is extremely important, it is necessary to have a good internet connection, quality equipment such as recording and filming and to have an advanced level of both spoken and written English, which is essential.

Payment is made according to each completed project, which can vary between $ 2 and $ 100.

So, if you want to increase your income or enter a more interesting profession, it is worth betting on one of these!

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