5 books that captivate you more than your movie adaptations!

You need to read them!

5 books that captivate you more than your movie adaptations!

You need to read them!

Much of the public is unaware of the fact that many famous films are adaptations of acclaimed books in the literary world.

If you have, even a brief conversation with your loyal readers, you will almost always hear that the book is much better than your movie.

Opinions aside, you will see in this list below, how much this can be real or not.

Some film producers and directors say loyal readers are almost never satisfied with adaptations of their favorite books.

However, the biggest justification is that the book can be extremely rich in detail, whereas in a movie, scenes with more action and impact are what fill the eyes of its viewers.

Anyway, it's worth checking out this list of books that can be much more interesting than their adaptations.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Stephen King

With a story rich in mythology, characters, details and references, The Dark Tower: Stephen King's Gunslinger features Roland Deschain, of the Gilead clan, who comes from a lineage of die-hard gunslingers.

To save his world from total destruction, Roland must go to the Dark Tower, an axis that balances all space and time, following his mission with great impetuosity.

Roland is relentless in his pursuit of the Man in Black, believing this character can aid him in his quest for the Dark Tower.

During his journey, the gunslinger meets other people who have his destiny, strongly linked to him.

Follow this adventure that passes through Mid-World and many other impressive places, with a storyline full of epic fantasy, horror and adventure.

I Am the Legend - Richard Matheson

The film starring Will Smith managed to please audiences, minus readers of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

That's because the book is considered an avalanche of melancholy, brutal events and sweeping plot.

In this science fiction, Matheson justifies the appearance of zombie-vampires with a striking flaw in medicine and biology.

An overwhelming plague transforms men, women and children into flesh-eating, bloodthirsty creatures.

In this bleak scenario, Robert Neville finds himself alone and at the mercy of these monsters, while looking for alternatives to survive, such as simple food.

Sixteen Moons - Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

With a plot of family curses, Sixteen Moons by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia tells the story of teenager Ethan Wate who has his life transformed by experiencing supernatural experiences while he sleeps.

In his dreams, he glimpses a girl with green eyes, whom he always desperately tries to save.

Upon waking up, Ethan realizes that everything he experiences in his dreams marks his skin.

But this whole mystery is revealed when Lena Duchaness arrives in his town, and Ethan is sure that she is the girl of his dreams.

With a meeting of souls, both will have to believe in each other to survive and who knows, overcome a curse, amid dark and dangerous secrets.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan

This 5-volume series introduces Percy Jackson, a teenager who discovers he is a demigod, and will have to learn to master his powers, choose his battles and live countless adventures, with a wealth of details from Greek mythology.

The movie adaptation was such a failure that its producers decided to discontinue the saga in theaters.

But for a good lover of Greek mythology, there's plenty to absorb and delight in Percy Jackson's books and Rick Riordan's Olympians.

Eragon - Christopher Paolini

Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a book that manages to impress with a narrative with a lot of action, terrible villains, elves, knights, dwarves and dragons.

Not to mention the very interesting dialogues and a language specially created for the elves, in order to bring more truth to the kingdom of Alaga√ęsia.

Eragon is a humble boy, whose quiet country life is shaken by a surprising discovery: the birth of a dragon from within a stone, which will show him such an ancient and powerful legacy.

With the loyalty of his dragon, a legendary sword and the wisdom of an old storyteller, Eragon will have to face dangerous lands, implacable enemies and full of evil.

The war is about to start!

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