Everyday jewelry

Stylish yourself

Everyday jewelry

Stylish yourself

Knowing how to wear jewelry properly will give your look a lot of personality and sophistication. And for those who doubt it's possible to do that with your everyday look, we've separated some jewelry tips and suggestions that can be worn from a casual meeting, to a more formal party. These are pieces that you can wear either in the morning or for a night look.


Diamonds are elegant, sophisticated and in the right dosage, you surely can compose a casual look! The tip is to wear more delicate pieces, which show elegance with sparkle. You can't go wrong with diamonds and the possibility of combining several pieces can be a great hit on the look. A simple pendant necklace is also a great suggestion to include the diamond in your everyday life. Because it's small and discreet, it won't fight with your look, be it more casual or formal.

Several gold rings

Polished gold can be used at any time, giving a unique and fashionable style. Knowing how to combine a few different rings can give a more stripped down but sophisticated look to your look. How about stacking a few rings and show how fashion you are? But if you don't feel like daring to wear multiple rings, you can choose a single statement ring. It's a special ring, which can be made of a different material that will sparkle in your fingers. They can have geometrical designs or polished gold which is a safe and elegant choice.

A chic and modern watch

Wearing a watch can be useful and also fashionable. The choice can be made according to the style and material you feel comfortable and safe. By choosing a watch to be worn also as a jewel you will be able to express your style of a bold and creative scent. If you're not a big fan of watches but need to wear them, you can add layered bracelets. They look good on any wrist, and when you pair them with your watch, it may add a lot of elegance.

How to care good care of your jewelry

You've seen how much good jewelry can add in elegance and style to your look, so it's important to know how to take good care of it so you can wear it for a long time. The first tip is to keep it away from wooden surfaces or those that have been chemically treated. This way, you avoid stains and scratches on your jewelry. Another tip is to keep your jewelry safe in a ziplock bag. If your jewelry gets too much in contact with moisture and  air, it may bring stains to it. And finally, to clean them, use mild dish soap with warm water, nothing else.

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