Reusable coffee capsule

Economy, sustainability and practicality for you!

Reusable coffee capsule

Economy, sustainability and practicality for you!

For any connoisseur of a tasty espresso coffee, having your own espresso coffee maker at home is a delicious gift.

The Nestlé and Nespresso brands are examples of manufacturers that have bet on these domestic models and have had a resounding success!

And all this success has several reasons: quick preparation, easy cleaning and handling, are some examples.

Without forgetting to mention the flavor and aroma that this machine can extract from coffee, making it the favorite among lovers of good coffee.

However, an issue started to bother: the excess of capsules that are discarded, which goes against the sustainability so discussed and defended today.

That is why the reusable coffee pod was created.

With several models to meet the main brands for espresso coffee machines, the reusable coffee capsule offers much more than sustainability.

With it you can make delicious blends of coffee personalized according to your preference and by yourself.

Enjoy your coffee and still collaborate with the environment!

How does the reusable coffee pod work?

With the same shape and appearance as a conventional coffee capsule, the reusable coffee capsule is easy to fit and its closure is airtight.

You just have to load it with your favorite coffee powder, or even mix it with your favorite spices and activate the machine that prepares a delicious drink, especially for you!

After using it, just wash it and reuse it next time.

The most used materials for the manufacture of these capsules are: plastic, aluminum and surgical steel.

As for the filtering part, some capsules have small paper filters and others have their own filtering system.

In short, there is no secret or excuse to start using reusable coffee capsules, is it not?

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