Must-have tools to become a DIY person!

Tools and ideas must match!

Must-have tools to become a DIY person!

Tools and ideas must match!

Do you love "Do It Yourself" projects? If your answer is yes, you need to know the basic tools you must have at home to be able to start your project with all safety and practicality. The biggest advantage of starting a DIY project is that besides putting your personality into the project, you can also save a good amount of money that you would have to spend to pay a professional. Besides, there are small maintenance, car repairs, garden care that deserve special attention. However, it is important to have a good toolbox to make your life easier in case you need any tools.

The incredible screwdrivers

Basically 90% of things in the house have screws that need to be tightened, removed or replaced, however, they have different shapes and you will need a screwdriver for each one. The most common ones are: screws with a single slot, flat head and the famous Philips, the one with a cross in the middle.  There are also special screwdrivers that only have one cable that allows you to change the bits according to your needs.

The powerful hammer

It is a very versatile tool because you can use it to hang a picture on the wall, which requires more subtlety, or even break a wall. The ideal hammer to have at home is the one with a flat head and a curved claw. This claw is used to pull out nails more easily. The traditional models have the wooden handle, but there are hammers that are all made of metal.

The sharp and efficient handsaw

It's basically a blade attached to a handle. But don't underestimate that tool. It can be very useful for doing small maintenance and construction work. Another advantage is that when the blade is worn out, you can replace it with a new one. With it, you can take a chance and develop your creativity with wood, creating a beautiful chair or a little house for your dog, for instance.

The super useful Pliers

This tool with metal teeth and long handles can be used to hold an object, pull it or twist it. You can loosen nuts and bolts, pull out pipes, pull out nails and more. The most recommended is the locking pliers, as it is very useful and safe to handle. With it you can both repair and replace wires, as well as plumbing.

The efficient Tape Measure

Its usefulness is clear: to measure with precision. Despit being quite simple, it is one of the most used items on a construction site. It is useful to check a size, a correct position or a space to be used. The longest is the retractable one. Its use is very simple: you stretch it as far as you want and you just need to activate the locking system to keep it as small as you need. Then you just unlock it and it will come back into place itself with its retractable system.

The creative but sharp, Utility Knife

How about a knife extends when you need it, but is stored inside the handle so you don't get hurt? That's the purpose of this utility knife. You can use it to open a packet, shave a wood, carve, cut, trim, etc. Experts advise you to pay close attention to the comfort its handle offers, as it will make all the difference for a more precise use.

The great drill machine

Having a drill can be more useful than you think. Your small drill can drill precise holes in the wall or in different types of materials. In addition to drilling, it can be used to screw objects. You'll save a lot of time by using a good drill. Some models have a led light so you can aim the target that needs to be drilled.

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