Creative stationery items

You'll wanna have them all!

Creative stationery items

You'll wanna have them all!

It's a fact that organized people go crazy when they walk into a stationery store. And the reason for that is because you can find almost everything you need to keep an organized and concise routine, be it a school or work routine. But for those who love organization with a touch of fun and creativity, we've listed some amazing products. Check them out:

Start writing down

Handwriting has been a more unique task each day. And to encourage this practice, some beautiful and peculiar pens have been created. We start with the Phosphorus Match Pen - Blue Ink. This pen is a beautiful suggestion to give to those you like.  It has blue ink and a 0.5mm tip, which will leave any atmosphere stylish and fun. 

There is also the Gel Quill Pen - Black Ink.This pen has been specially developed so that you admire the past, but keep an eye on the present. It's elegant and because it's gel-like, your writing will have a soft and precise touch. 

And then, the Jack glow in dark gel Pen  - Black Ink. This pen has a 0.5 mm tip and the coolest thing about it is that it glows in the dark. Of course, it doesn't have to be that dark, right? It's a great gift for Halloween or just to surprise who's a Jack Skellington fan.

Paper Clips

You can be organized with your papers and be cute at the same time. That's what those beautiful paper clips promise. With different shapes, they're perfect for any stationery lover. Animal-shaped paper clips are capable of conveying all that cute in an organizational form. There are paper clips shaped like animals, fruits and vegetables, objects like letters, bags, plants, foods and much more.


This is and always will be the best friend of those who want to highlight important notes in a text, for example. And to make this process easier and more enjoyable and fun, we have these beautiful and colorful items to use and highlight what is most important. The shapes are quite different: pills, syringes, popsicles, etc.


Erasers that make you feel hungry

Erasers are a basic item for any stationery lover. They are useful and give us the possibility to start over. And, to take all this seriousness without ceasing to be useful, there are some beautiful erasers, colorful and shaped like the foods we love most, hamburger, doughnuts, popcorn, cupcakes and the list only increases.

Pencil sharpeners

They have been with us since childhood and are very important to ensure that our writing is legible and of high quality. Sharpeners can be creative, colorful, of various sizes and shapes, bringing good memories and being useful at the same time. 

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