The right glasses for your face shape!

There's a pair out there made just for you!

The right glasses for your face shape!

There's a pair out there made just for you!

How can I know my face shape?

Whether you have to wear glasses, it's not an excuse to be ordinary. There is plenty of options for round, square-shaped or oval face. Let's us guide you to find the perfect ones! First of all, you have to understand that glasses are more than just accessories. They will increase your life quality, making you see better in a fashion, but comfortable way. The fisrt step is to identify your facial features and your face shape. There are main 5: oval, round, triangular, square and heart.

Square face shape

Square faces usually work with their opposite: round or oval shaped frames. This happens because those frames offer a proportional characteristic to your face. They draw attention to them and not to the angles of your face, giving some balance to the way you look. One important detail: your frame cannot cover your eyebrows. The ideal is glasses of medium structure, because it is this format that will value the traces of your face.

Round face shape

Round faces are usually rounded with few angles and also known by the curves they have. In order to choose the right frames, you have to remember that you need frames that add angles.They can help your face to look longer and thinner. The straight lines present in these glasses models create the illusion that the face is more angular.

Heart face shape

This is the most versatile face shape.This type of shape is wider on the forehead and thins down to the jaw, and on the chin is narrower and more pointed. If you choose the right frames, they can give you a sweet and cheerful look. Rounded models smooth and balance the width of the forehead.

Triangle face shape

They are perfect to round and angular frames like aviator, cat-eyes glasses and D-frames. The trick is to smooth the lines with a glasses model that generates contrast helping to create harmony with the lines on the face. The tip for those with the triangular face is to add width to the forehead region, so choose pieces that accentuate colors and details in the top half.

Oval face shape

This shape is the most common one. So there is an advantage in options and trends to this face shape. Although it is important to choose the frames that will balance the curves by adding some angles. The best eyglasses frames are square, geometric or rectangular frames.  It matches both rectangular and oval eyeglasses and also oversize lenses - the big ones.

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