Mixer: know everything you can do with it

Easier for your kitchen!

Mixer: know everything you can do with it

Easier for your kitchen!

For many, cooking is a gateway to different sensations...

It's a pleasure for those you love, a care for those in need, it's working with the best that's inside you or even a hobby.

With the most diverse flavors, spices and aromas, it is possible to rescue good memories, of people or unforgettable moments.

And we know that many utensils have been developed and improved to make everything even more practical and easy, to practice the art of cooking.

If you still don't know the wonders that a mixer can do, this post is for you! Check out:

The various functions of a mixer

The Mixer is that kind of item you don't know you need until you have one.

Very popular in the gastronomic universe, however, less known by many people who still don't know how practical it is to have a mixer at home.

Similar to the blender, but with smaller blades, the Mixer is already starting to show an advantage due to its ergonomic design, which makes its handling much easier.

Its use is indicated to prepare meals such as seasonings, sauces, soups, broths, pancakes, cakes, omelets, mousses, juices, shakes, vitamins and many other possibilities with recipes that require homogeneous mixtures.

The genius lies in the fact that you have 100% control over it, like the intensity and the way it moves through the recipe, and it's super easy to wash it off.

Choosing the best model

The first feature we saw right away is the design.

However, issues such as extra features, power, rod material and speed adjustment will make all the difference when it comes to showing the product's performance.

Starting with power

Potency makes all the difference to the Mixer's performance by processing denser, fibrous, and larger ingredients.

The ideal is to bet on models that have power above 500W .

However, a Mixer with less potency can also perform great with lighter ingredients such as shakes, smoothies or shakes, to be used occasionally, as well as being cheaper.

Prefer stainless steel rods

Stainless steel rods are more resistant to heat and impacts, and therefore, their durability is much greater.

Therefore, observing this characteristic can be crucial to acquiring a good mixer.

Models made of plastic are the cheapest, but more susceptible to developing odors and stains, as well as cracks if immersed in food at high temperature.

turbo function

Being able to adjust the speed will give even more power and functionality to your Mixer.

More powerful models generally have more speed options.

With the possibility of regulating the speed, you'll be able to prepare a juice or shake, without splashing all over the place, as well as the turbo function to enhance the processing of denser foods.

Versatility, Practicality and Functionality

There are models on the market with all-in-one features, and this can be a big advantage in choosing the model that's right for you.

A Mixer that offers a complete kit will enable several versions of kitchen appliances in one.

In other words, a mixer can play the role of a mixer, blender or food processor.

With this kit, which usually consists of a wire whisk, mini grinder and measuring container, your experience and routine in the kitchen will be even more interesting.

All these benefits in a single device that, due to its compact size, takes up a small space to store it.

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