Lego Toys for Children's Day

Gift giving with Lego is guaranteed success!

Lego Toys for Children's Day

Gift giving with Lego is guaranteed success!

In order not to run the risk of making mistakes when giving a child a gift, we have selected some Lego options to help you make the children happy!

This iconic toy was created in 1934 by the Danish Kirk Christiansen , who named these building blocks by Leg Godt (which means "play well"), which at the time were made of wood.

Lego is a toy that is highly praised by people working in the field of education, as they defend the idea that this toy stimulates creativity, imagination and motor coordination . Today it is possible to find themed toys such as professions, famous films and series, animals, among others. Like the idea? Check out!

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Propeller Plane Construction Set

This is that kind of toy that is worth three. That's because it can be a jet plane, a helicopter or propeller plane . If a child already vibrates with the possibility of assembling 1 toy, imagine three? It has a rotating propeller, adjustable wing tips and colorful parts. It's a toy that lets your imagination run wild !


Iron man needs no introduction! It is preferred by most children and being able to assemble their own iron man is amazing! This toy comes with the mini figure of the iron man that can be fixed on the robot. Everything elaborated and thought so that the child can live several exciting adventures with this beloved Avenger!

LEGO City Police Dog Unit Construction Kit

Who has never played being a police officer? And with these Lego building blocks, the fun lies in investigating and capturing the bad guy with the help of the police dogs unit. In a scenario that mimics real life, the child is left with the fun and safe part of the story. With the vehicle, the dog, diamonds and handcuffs , it will be difficult to have a boring day.

LEGO Classic LEGO Creatives

If you need a collection to spark your imagination and creativity , this toy is the answer! It comes with special parts ranging from doors, wheels and propellers, to windows and eyes. It also comes with instructions to give the child some ideas to start playing.

Lego Disney Princess - Olaf

Olaf is one of the most beloved characters in Disney's Frozen II film. They have articulated arms and neck and come with beautiful details like the blue tie, a diary and pencil. Just as Olaf loves to discover how wonderful life is, those who play with him will also have beautiful moments.

LEGO Friends Puppy Playground Construction Kit

This is a gift to please especially those children who love dogs . How many cool stories can you imagine with this mini figure called Mia and her dogs Cookie and Coco. Fun moments are guaranteed with this group that loves to play in the park with the skateboard, slide and the giraffe .

Want more Lego brand options for adults too? Click here!

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