Books to make you feel happy!

7 books for each day of the week!

Books to make you feel happy!

7 books for each day of the week!

While lots of us have been affected by the lack of being surrounded by people, this is the moment that we really need some reading that may make us feel warm and happy. It is so good to know that we can find some comfort in literature. So grab some coffee, make yourself comfortable and choose your first book to start a fresh new day! Here are some suggestions to cheer you up! 

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"One sees clearly with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye". Although it is a children's book, the way the author shows us the purity in which a child sees life as a whole, whether in the moments of adversity, happiness and the tranquility of knowing that what matters is what we feel inside will melt your heart. It is worth reading and remembering that one day we were children and that we can learn a lot from them.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has been an inspiration around the world and in her book she shares her life experience, her limitations, what she has done to overcome them and above all, she shows how important it is to be resilient to reach our goals. This book will challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

This is the kind of book that leads you to a reflection on how efficient your communication with your next is or not. We all have expectations about professional, academic, family and loving life and during the reading process, you begin to understand that people have different ways of expressing their love and feeling loved.  You will learn how to express your feelings better and also show  the importance of whom you love in your life with attitudes

God gave us you by Lisa Tawn Bergren 

 This book exhales a lot of sweetness, love and affection by addressing this famous question that children ask: how did I end up in your belly? During reading, children will receive sensitive information about their life purpose and will help parents raise their self-esteem and understand how much they are loved and appreciated. The story is adorable!

The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes 

With a funny and light tone, Shonda Rhimes shares the power of understanding that you can overcome your fears, challenges and the importance of developing skills to keep yourself motivated with self-steem, goal after goal. She also shares personal experiences with her family and her health when she decided to say "yes" during a year. You will get surprised how this small word can change your life!

The things you can only see when you slow down by Haemin Sunim

The main idea in this book is to develop deep connection with other people, empathy and forgive yourself. this not about doing less things or being less busy, but it is about paying attention to everything that happens around you. People are used to saying that Sunim has as special gift of talking about any situation with wisdom and peace. This reading will lead you to a unique experience of learning from your mistakes, having compassion and changing the way you see and understand life.

Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin

Many people may say that they have already watched the movie and that is such a love story, although for the ones who dare to read the book, may have a different opinion. Of course there is love and a couple who face some issues to stay together, but the author had the attention to explore and show polemic situations in society and it is amazing how she had the braveness to light this on her book and sometimes, in a very ironic way. In short, it is a book which you can find almost everything to entertain you and make you feel happy, in love, uncomfortable and proud! 

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