Get some PlayStation 4 accessories!

Upgrade your gaming experience!

Get some PlayStation 4 accessories!

Upgrade your gaming experience!

PlayStation 4 is definitely the feeling of the moment. It's been doing so well that players are looking forward to the PS5 launch. But while we wait for it, let's get to know some amazing PS4 items to improve and make your gaming experience easier. Some items, besides being very useful, will make you like  this console even more. They'll make your game even more fun and interesting.

Sony Playstation Platinum Headset

Sony offers its users an official PS4 headset. The first highlight is 3D surround audio, which has been considered one of the best accessories for PS4. With this technology, you'll be able to distinguish exactly where each sound comes from, which helps a lot in your gaming strategies, like shooting games.  Its design is also highly appreciated, plus all the comfort and precise fit it has for the head.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo

With HyperX ChargePlay™ Duo you will always keep your controllers loaded. This charger is highly praised for its speed to reach maximum charge, which can be reached in up to two hours. Its use is very simple and its firm base allows a worry-free use.

Playstation VR

The first advantage of PLayStation VR is that you don't have to play standing up all the time, it works perfectly if you decide to play sitting down. It also has a great 1080p resolution, with 5.7 inch OLED screen. It's worth remembering that the Sony manufacturer recommends that you have an area of 2 by 3 meters so you can move freely while playing.

Seagate Expansion 1TB

With this external hard drive you will no longer suffer from the lack of space to save your games. Quite praised for its quality and for being compact, you will be able to save your games without complications and with a lot of practicality. 

PlayStation Camera

The PS4 camera is undoubtedly a success! With it, you can issue voice and gesture commands in games, navigate the control panel without the use of hands, can also make live broadcasts and create your own TV programs with the app Playroom. If you want to experience virtual reality in a unique way, you need this PS4 camera.

Move Motion Controller

This controller offers the player the possibility to simulate his movements perfectly in the game. It guarantees this unique experience in games like shooting or sports, for example. It has motion sensors and luminous spheres to capture your most subtle movements. 

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